Mike Vercoelen

“I am a self-proclaimed
Internet Creative”

Originally from The Netherlands, I am a self-taught web-app and blockchain professional with more than a decade of industry experience.

I have worked with a diverse collection of large-scale companies in finding streamlined solutions for complex problems.

I am specialised in software architecture, solutions, tooling and development of websites and applications, I am an expert in React, React Native, Typescript, Node.js, Solidity, GraphQL and UI / UX Design.

Five years ago I decided to become location independent and work remotely. Following the completion of my projects in The Netherlands I gave up my apartment, packed my bags and jumped on the first plane to Bali.

Now, after three years exploring the incredible cultures of South East Asia, I’m back in Europe. Currently residing in Berlin, my mind is fresh with ideas waiting to be executed.

Besides coding, I'm the founder of Pitcch and Stereogate where we help electronic music producers grow to become touring artists ;)

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My involvement

Over a decade of experience as a fullstack web / app software developer.
I am an expert in React, React Native, Typescript, Node.js, Solidity, GraphQL and UI / UX Design.


Freelance fullstack React, React Native and Node.js developer

Orchard Go

iOS and Android mobile app for The Orchard

Red Belly Sports

IOS and Android mobile app for sports betting

Mr. Bills Tunes

Digital marketing for one of our major artists at Pitcch and Stereogate


The Dutch Netflix, involved as a fullstack developer


Fullstack React, Angular and Node.js developer

My projects

At heart I'm a software engineer but I've also tought myself various skills such as digital marketing and business development which has led me to starting various companies and pursuit interesting concepts.


Luxurious retreats for electronic music producers


Exclusive livestream platform for music producers

The Digital Marketing Agency

E-commerce and digital marketing agency in The Netherlands

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