Scalable Modals with React and Redux

I have tried many ways for setting up a scalable way to create modals with React and Redux. The approach that I ended up using is basically a tweaked version from a Stackoverflow answer from Dan Abramov’s 


Creating modals in React is pretty simple, many solutions implement React Portals but I think rendering a Modal outside of the application container is overkill, we use a ModalRoot container which we render in our application container instead.

So I talk here about a solution that is scalable, testable and simple. It requires some boilerplate code to setup but it’s worth it in the long run.

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Quick Tip: alternative Redux reducers

I have been using a simple helper to simplify and reduce boilerplate for setting up reducers in Redux.

Redux reducers

What could be improved on the default “switch reducers”

Lets take a look at a default switch reducer:

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